Ferrato Euromet, recovery and development of ferrous metals since 1954

Since 1954 the company, Ferrato Euromet, has been involved in the field of industrial destruction and demolition in the whole area of ​​Padua. The company specialises in the collection and trade of ferrousmetals and ferrous scrap, metal debris from demolition and machining for both industrial and trade applications.

Ferrato Euromet has decisively emerged in the recent years, becoming industry leaders at the provincial level, and among the most favoured companies for the collection and disposal metal and metal scrap in Veneto.

It also deals with screening, sorting and processing of metals, trying to make the most of the metal, turning it into a high quality product.

You can contact your local number or request an appointment in our offices in via Svezia 25 in Padua or call 049 870 555.

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