Ferrato Euromet undertakes broad spectrum scrapping

Ferrato Euromet operates with precision and professionalism in the processing and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This activity also supports other work, such as:

  • Container service;
  • Industrial demolitions
  • Purchase of scrap
  • Scrapping
  • Pressing and wrecking
  • Transport for third parties

The vast experience in scrap and demolition permits great diversification in the recovery process of Ferrato Euromet depending on the type of material and the classification of sectors of origin.

- The treatment and recovery of ferrous scrap at companies belonging mainly to the metallurgical sector, machine and wrecking businesses 

- The collection of materials

- The receyling and development of scrap iron and industrial metals 

- The processing of metallic materials (ferrous and non-ferrous)

- The delivery of treated and recycled materials

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